Iron and Steel Metallurgy
Steel Making
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Programme Overview
The steelmaking process involves converting liquid iron into steel via basic oxygen furnace (BOF, also known as converter) or melting scrap steel and/or direct reduced iron (DRI) in an electric arc furnace (EAF).

Recovery of BOF gas is the single most energy-saving improvement in the BOF process, making it a net energy producer. The BOF gas containing approximately 70-80% carbon monoxide(CO) is usually recovered in gas holder for future use.

On-line instruments especially exhaust gas monitor are used to optimize operations of an EAF. Benefits of it include reduced electricity consumption, shorter power-on times, increased productivity, a decrease in production costs, a reduction of electrode consumption, reduced natural gas, oxygen and carbon consumption, and a reduction of refractory wear.
Programme Composition
Critical Control of Process Gas
Recovering or discharging (if low CO concentration) of the BOF gas is determined by measurement value of CO, O2 concentration. Optimizing the process of BOF or EAF also requires constituents detection of the post-combustion off-gas.

FPI's Solution
The high-speed response of the LGA helps raise BOF gas recovery rate by 3-5%. The maintenance- free of the LGA itself means no interference to the recovery process, an additional benefit for higher recovery rate and lower operation cost. The monitored data can also be used as input into models of the BOF or EAF process which can help to improve understanding and to optimize the process.
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