FPI Newly Launches ProGC Series Industrial Online Chromatography Analyzers
Pub Date:2022-06-29 Source: View Num:1386

In the early 20th century, the chromatographic separation effect was invented. With the advancement of electronics and control technology, the invention, development, and maturation of numerous chromatographic detectors, chromatographic analyzers have emerged as the primary analytical instruments for scientific research, laboratory analysis, and industrial process testing.

The industrial chromatographic analyzer is integrated with automatic sampling, pre-treatment and injection systems, as well as an explosion-proof and protective design. It is widely used for determining the concentration of gaseous and liquid components that can be gasified during production stages in various fields such as oil refining, petrochemical, chemical, metallurgical, pharmaceutical and electric power plants.

The newly launched industrial online gas chromatography analyzer is distinct from conventional laboratory setting chromatography. Using high-precision program-controlled column cutting technology and column system sampling technology, the measured components can be analyzed and obtained swiftly. Industrial chromatography has therefore become the primary method of analysis in industrial process control due to its stability, accuracy, reliability and extended operating lifetime

ProGC Series Industrial Online Chromatography Analyzers

FPI has accumulated twelve years of experience in chromatographic technology research. During this period, the company has received state support by participating in major special projects for the development of key scientific instruments and equipment of national R&D planning. Such corporate advances have paved the way to the development of the industrial online gas chromatography analyzer, solely developed with independent intellectual property rights. The designed column box technology is able to achieve high-precision temperature control in the ambient temperature range of -30°C to 55°C, and the chromatograph is also equipped with positive pressure explosion-proof with a IP65 protection rating. This revolutionary chromatography device can be easily installed outdoors, does not require a protective enclosure and can take measurements at close range within the installation radius.


The ProGC series utilizes gas chromatographic detection technology. After the pretreatment, the gas of the tested components is collected by the sample injection valve and injected into the chromatography column by the carrier gas. Due to the difference in pressure between the fixed components in the chromatographic column and the sample components, the rate at which each component flows out of the chromatographic column is different. This allows the components of the sample to be sequentially separated and flow out of the chromatography column. The separated samples are then fed to the detector where the components in the chromatogram are analyzed qualitatively and quantitatively, and a final output of the data is displayed.


  • No cabin integration required; cost-effective and easy assembly installation.
  • The integrated solid-state column box technology makes it possible to maintain high-precision temperature control throughout the range of -30°C to 55°C, thus achieving exceptional precision. 
  • With short hysteresis, low loss and low sampling failure rate, it can be conveniently positioned close to the sample site and easily picks up measurements. 
  • The modular design reduces on-site column replacement time from 3 days to 3 hours. 
  • The integrated program intelligently diagnoses the status of each essential component.
  • Compatible with multiple product types including vertical wall mount analyzers.

If any interest about this analyzer, please feel free to visit FPI's online store: online.fpi-inc.com/
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