FPI Onlilne - How One-Stop Services Are Delivered
Pub Date:2022-09-15 Source: View Num:5129

Don't want to be stuck on the website? For example, now you are interested in one of our devices, you click the picture for detailed information, but all the charts and numbers are just too confusing to understand, so you are turning to online customer services for help. Still, the website is complicated, and it might cost you a while to find the button. Finally, you have to give up or send an e-mail wishing for a timely response. What a time-consuming process! 

But the new app FPI Online can be better access to get to know us and our products. 


Compared to the bewildering website, the most apparent feature of FPI Online is its pleasingly simple user interface design. And then what enhances your searching experience is the clear navigation, which divides our products into groups based on different requirements and applications. Therefore, you can kill the least time finding the preferred product through the "filter" service.


Besides, if you want to customize your purchasing list, the "cart" can help you store the pre-determined products just in case you forget and search the second time. What's more, the product introduction interface will give you a comprehensive understanding of the device, including its features, specifications, application areas, and dos and don'ts.


Inside the app lies all the files that can strengthen your understanding of our products and the company to improve trust between us. And now, come to the Q&A parts. We know you might have some questions after reading the information. The one-on-one interaction is what you need. We have a professional consulting service team here 24/7 to answer your questions, be it about the price, warranty, and maintenance advice. 

We know the peculiarity of our products -- advanced precision instrument, and you might worry about the delivery. No worries, the online order list enables you to track the progress of your purchase and shipping in a more easy way.


Hurrah! We are glad to announce that FPI Online is now available to download in the Google Play Store. Check it out!


Download link:

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