People's Daily Reports on the Success of FPI's Support in South-South Cooperation
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Report of People's Daily Website

On January 7, the international edition of People's Daily published an article entitled "South-South cooperation in addressing climate change pays off,". The article stated that China has been providing support and assistance to countries along the Belt and Road to jointly improve their capacity to address climate change through the development of South-South cooperation in addressing climate change. 

China announced in 2015 that it would establish ten low-carbon demonstration zones, 100 mitigation and adaptation projects, and 1,000 climate change training opportunities in developing countries. The Cambodian low-carbon demonstration zones are the first to be implemented, with the goal of implementing low-carbon construction and transformation throughout the entire city of Sihanoukville. The Chinese government donated 200 sets of solar power generation equipment, 10 ambient air monitoring systems, and 200 electric motorcycles to Cambodia's first low-carbon demonstration zone project.

H.E. Chuop Paris, Director General of the Cambodian Ministry of Environment's General Department of Environmental Knowledge and Information, participated in the creation of the demonstration zone as a representative of the Cambodian side throughout the construction process. He quoted saying "The green light source of Chinese assistance has lit Sihanoukville City and helped Cambodia take a crucial step in battling climate change," he said, praising the Chinese assistance.

According to Director Paris' remarks, the local government processed customs clearance and discharging of goods with no haste as soon as aid arrived to Sihanoukville. Additionally, Chinese technical specialists trained workers from the Cambodian Ministry of Environment on the equipment's installation, usage, and maintenance prior to use. The director went on to say that most portions of the city were lighted up, making it considerably safer to go around.

Director Paris also noted that through a series of South-South cooperation projects on climate change, China had assisted other developing countries in strengthening their capacity to cope with climate change. He further stated that the construction of the Low-carbon Demonstration Zone in Cambodia not only kicks off Cambodia-China cooperation on climate change but also sets an excellent example for countries and regions along the Belt and Road to explore low-carbon development paths.

City View of Sihanoukville

The AQMS-1000 standard ambient air quality monitoring systems manufactured by FPI are the ten sets of environmental monitoring instruments donated by the Chinese government mentioned in the article.

Last September, FPI won the bid for the "Ministry of Ecological Environment tackling climate change low-carbon demonstration zone project" to donate to the Cambodian Environmental Monitoring Equipment Subproject. The winning bid includes, but is not limited to, the provision of ten ambient air quality monitoring systems, as well as material inspection and export declaration, spares, transportation, insurance, packaging, domestic and foreign technical guidance and training, promotion and guarantee services, and so on.

FPI dispatched a technical engineering team to Cambodia to ensure the system's smooth running and provide system installation, operation, and maintenance services to local Ministry of Environment personnel. Furthermore, FPI established a resident office in Cambodia to oversee the regular maintenance of the ambient air monitoring system.

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FPI’s standard stationary AQMS consists of complete sets of analyzers, can monitor conventional air pollutants such as SO2, NO, NOX, CO, O3, PM2.5, PM10.

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Photo of AQMS-1000 Ambient Air Quality Monitoring System

FPI serves harmony with humanity, and the world actively practices social responsibility and contributes to environmental governance and pollution prevention efforts.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, FPI assisted in the construction of a hospital in Wuhan, provided water quality monitoring aid, and provided environmental quality measuring services for major conferences and events such as the Wuhan Military Games, Hangzhou G20 Summit, Wuzhen Internet Conference, Xiamen BRICS Conference, and Qingdao Shanghai Cooperation Summit.

Over the past 20 years, FPI has upheld research and development as a critical cornerstone, adhering to technological genes while cultivating deep within the industry, continuously increasing investments in research and development, committed to becoming a "national brand leader in high-end analytical instruments." Up to date, FPI has successively developed its leading mass spectrometry, chromatography, spectrum technology, and products. Apart from undertaking a number of national major science and technology projects and national and industry standardization works, we have developed products and platforms for on-site analysis, as well as laboratory automation analysis instruments.

In the future, FPI will follow the national development steps to broadcast successful Chinese ecological, environmental solutions and cutting-edge technologies to more developing countries and regions along the Belt and Road.

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